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Architecture sacrée TANAF, SENEGAL

Sacred architecture generally creates an urban event, bringing together people around a collective practice. The vertical aspect of the edifice forms a signal visible to all : it guides the faithful towards a point of convergence ; This edifice makes it possible to launch a call to prayer and the practice of worship (the minaret, the bell tower ...).

The site of the project in TANAF is a central place: its positioning with the axis of the main road which crosses the borough allows it to be highly visible during the crossing of the village.

The project presents a minimalist, mono-material and monumental architecture: the structure consists of prefabricated porticos and sheds covering a wide ventilated space, filtering light.

The project plays with this centrality, creating a gathering space open to the public areas. The existing building is replaced by a grand structure covering the square: the place of worship is constituted by the open space of the street that changes function during prayer and religious gatherings. This area is partially closed by colored textile drapes during praise.

Smaller enclosed spaces allow to welcome the faithful throughout the week.

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